Basic Information

  •   Unitech Mechatronics Pte Ltd was formed in Feb 2006, with its core business in mechatronic, automation, electronic and robotic systems development.
  • The company was registered ME02, L2 with BCA on 20 May 2013.
  • The company was registered as Packaged Solutions supplier under the iSPRINT scheme on 21 Jun 2013.
  • Business scope: Robotic system, Automation system, ICT (Information Communication Technology) system

Company Strength

  •  iSPRINT

             Packaged Solutions for our Mobile Sales System. Up to 70% cash back (MaxS$20,000).


  •  BCA ME02 L2(Requires Revenue:S$100M)

              BCA directory of registered contractors and licensed builders.


  •  PIC

              20+successful application case for integrated system. Up to 60% cash back and cap $15,000 PIC bonus per financial year.